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Our Reponse to Covid-19 

Coronavirus, also referred to as Covid-19, has changed the world that we live in and forced a lot of us to stop what we are doing, but it does not mean we have to stop anything regarding your cancer.  We haven't stopped offering treatment at any point, but we have taken great measures to ensure you are safe.  Please read below our current approach, and keep in mind, these can and will be updated at any time in response to recommendations from our hospital and the CDC:

  • All patients are screening prior to their designated appointment via telephone

  • All patients are again screened for temperature and symptoms upon arrival to the cancer center

  • Patients are permitted to bring 1 (one) visitor with them at the time of consultation, and at pertinent follow-up visits or additional appointments where key decisions and/or end of life care will be discussed

  • Patients who require physical assistance and/or decision-making capabilities by a family member or friend will be permitted to have the designated visitor accompany them to each visit

  • Patients are expected to arrive no sooner than 15min prior to their designated appointment times.  If a patient arrives prior to their designated time, then they will be kindly asked to wait in their vehicle until their time to enter

  • We have provided additional space in our lobbies and limited the number of patients who will be brought into the department at any given time

  • All staff is screened daily and wears appropriate PPE according to CDC guidelines

  • We have worked and staffed our clinics to minimize overlap of our staff in the event of an exposure

  • All patients rooms and equipment is sanitized in between use

  • In the event that any patient is to be either exposed or contract Covid-19, we will do everything within our possibility and reason to keep that patient under treatment, and this may require their specific treatment times to be shifted to the end of the day in order to ensure the safety and ability to socially distance from our other patients who have not been exposed

If you are a patient currently under treatment and you have developed new symptoms of cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, chest pain, or any other Covid-19 related symptom, please notify the treatment team immediately.

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