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Jonathan Feddock, MD

Hometown: Shady Spring, WV
Undergraduate: University of Kentucky
Medical: University of Kentucky
Residency: University of Kentucky
Areas of Interest/Expertise:
Breast Cancer, Gynecologic Cancers, Gastrointestinal Cancers,  Advanced brachytherapy and interstitial implants, Re-Irradiation, Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Pediatric Cancers
Little Known Fact About Me:
I have actually treated 2 separate horses who were diagnosed with cancer, both of them I treated using radiation implants.
About Jonathan Feddock:

After growing up in a small town in West Virginia, Jonathan came to Lexington, KY in 1999 in order to attend the University of Kentucky, where he also ran as a member of the Varsity Track and Cross Country teams.  He later transitioned to medical school where he met his wife, Shannon Florea, who is also a physician.  They have 2 boys - Asher and Ande, but having a family and a demanding job has not stopped him from continuing his passion as a runner.  Dr. Feddock and his wife have and continue to compete around the world in marathons and Ironman competitions, including the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and in races in Europe such as the famed Norseman, where he was the top American finisher in 2018.  Dr. Feddock brings the same dedication and work ethic that has made him a successful endurance athlete, to the clinic.  He is compassionate and believes in using exercise and a healthy lifestyle to help patients get through treatment but more importantly as a part of the recovery process after a cancer diagnosis.  In 2014, he founded a non-profit called Ironcology, and he continues to serve as the president.  Ironcology provides support services to cancer patients in need in Central Kentucky, and is not exclusive to Baptist Health, but rather provides services to anyone in the region.  He also holds an annual overnight relay event called the Survive the Night Relays, which he often will have several cancer patients participating each year.  In the clinic, he is known both regionally and nationally for his experience and abilities in brachytherapy, and has a wealth of experience in Gynecologic cancers, and particularly for re-irradiation of patients with recurrent disease.  In addition to performing hundreds of re-irradiation procedures, Dr. Feddock has been an invited lecturer and speaker at many national meetings and events, and he recently served as the Protocol Chair for a Gynecologic Oncology Group clinic trial for women with recurrent Uterine Cancer.

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