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Radiation is quite simply "Healing Rays of Light"

Simply hover your mouse over any of the images below to see how we would treat cancer in any of these unique situations.

Complex Brachytherapy or Implants for Head and Neck Cancer

Oral Cavity Tumor.jpg
Brachytherapy Mouthpiece.jpg

How do we treat an oral cavity cancer when surgery is not possible?

We work with our dentists to create a customized brachytherapy device which leads to least amount of side effects possible.

Complete response with no residual tumor following treatment, and limited reactions within the oral cavity.

oral cavity post treatment.jpg

Combined Photon and Electron Treatments for Skin Cancer

scalp cancer (1).PNG
scalp after.jpg

How do we treat aggressive skin cancers when there's simply too much to remove surgically?

We use a combination of electrons, photons, and superficial brachytherapy.

Nonsurgical Treatment of Early Stage Lung Cancer

Lung Before CK.JPG

How do we treat early stage lung cancer without surgery? And a tumor that moves as the patient is breathing?

We use Cyberknife, which targets only the area that needs treatment, and it tracks the tumor as you breath.

Just 3 months after treatment, the tumor has already shrunk considerably, and our patient has virtually no symptoms to report.

FInal scan Lung CK.JPG

Repeat Radiation for a Recurrent Cancer

How do we treat a recurrent gynecologic cancer that has already received radiation?

CK RPNode.jpg

How do we treat recurrent gynecologic cancer when she's already received radiation?

We repeat radiation using Cyberknife, and deliver as precise as a radiation treatment can be.

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