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Included below are links to educational support documents that we have created to help patients understand what to expect and also how we manage certain side effects that could arise during treatment.  This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, and it will be updated frequently.

More importantly - these are provided in an effort to assist with your treatments, and they should not used to replace the recommendations from your individual doctor.

Patient Educational Documents

General Radiation Topics

How Will I Be Billed?

When Will I Start Treatment?

Process for Radiation Treatment Planning and Delivery

Diet and Exercise

Radiation Symptom Management

Skin Care During Radiation Treatments

Oral Care During Radiation Treatments

Management of Diarrhea During Radiation Treatments

Management of Urinary Symptoms During Radiation Treatments

Cyberknife Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cyberknife Checklist 

Prostate Cyberknife Low Fiber Diet

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