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How will I be billed for treatments?

Billing for Radiation Treatments is very complex, because of the number of treatments and the fact that they will be delivered typically over a several week timeframe and with many different medical professionals providing services behind the scenes along the way.

The hospital will bill your insurance company directly for our services. You will receive a monthly statement from the hospital, but your final bill will reflect any balance due after payment is received from your insurance company. Any questions regarding this bill should be directed to the Patient Billing Department at 859-260-6460.

We make a lot of effort to precertify our treatments before we begin, so that we can ensure your insurance will cover them.

If you are in need of medical insurance, or if you have any questions, the hospital provides Financial Counselors and can be contacted at 859-260-6264.

You may notice charges on your hospital bill for days you are not in our department.  These charges are for various components of the treatment planning that are done in preparation for your radiation treatment.  Additionally, you might notice a “treatment room” charge in your appointment which applies to the nursing evaluation and assessment.

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