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Helpful Tips for Urinary Burning and Frequent Urination Related to Radiation Treatments

Radiation to the pelvis area can cause burning/stinging with urination and increased trips to the restroom.  There are some dietary changes and non-prescription medicines that may help improve these symptoms.  Some people find that eliminating acidic, spicy, sugary, and occasionally dairy products from their diet may help to control some symptoms.  See the lists below for more specific foods to avoid.  If these do not help, there are some non-prescription medicines that may help.  These medicines will change the color of your urine (depending on which one you take).  If you are unable to find them at your local pharmacy, ask the pharmacist where they are located. 

Bladder Numbing Medicines: OTC (over the counter):

  1.     Azo Standard (otc)

  2.     Cystex (otc)

  3.     Uristat (otc)

  4.     Pyridium (prescription)

Other dietary foods/drinks to avoid, which may help:


Caffeine, liquors and beer, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, cranberry juice, rye/sourdough bread, mayonnaise, seasonings, soy sauce, vinegar, salad dressings, aged cheese, sour cream, yogurt, chocolate, milk, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, grapes, peaches, pineapple, plums, strawberries, fruit juices, aged/canned meats, some smoked meats, nuts.


Also, avoiding tobacco, diet pills, some cold and allergy medicines may help.

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