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When Will I Start My Treatments?

All radiation treatments take time to plan. This is to ensure that not only will we have the time to create the best radiation treatment that we can, but also so that we can assure that it is safe.
In most cases, we will have your treatments ready to begin in approximately 1 week.  If the treatment is going to be relatively straight-forward, then we could actually have this ready within a few days, but if it is a very complicated treatment plan such as Cyberknife, or treatments that will be administered with chemotherapy, then a little additional time is definitely worth the wait.  
In most cases, we also want to wait until your insurance has approved your treatments because we do not want you to get stuck with any unnecessary bills.
Once you have completed a radiation setup session, one of our radiation therapists will call you to discuss a start date and a start time.  Our physicians do not run the treatment schedules on the machines - our therapists run the schedules.  They will work with you to select a treatment time that works best with your schedule, and we will aim to have that timeslot ready and waiting for you every day that you receive treatment.
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