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Patient Preparation Checklist for Prostate Cyberknife Treatment

  1. Gas Elimination Diet – You will find the instructions for following the Gas      Elimination Diet in your packet.

  2. Simethicone – Simethicone is an over the counter medication that allows the relief of gas in the stomach and intestines (Example: Gas X®).  You will need to purchase at least 40 tablets for use in planning scans and treatment. The instructions for use are included in the Gas Elimination Diet section.

  3. Enemas – Enemas are a procedure in which liquid or gas is injected into the rectum, typically to expel its contents, permitting improved X-Ray imaging (Example: Fleets® enema).  You will need to purchase 6-7 for use in the planning scans and treatment. The schedule for performing the enema on planning and treatment days is included in the Gas Elimination Diet section.

  4. Medication – Prostate medications, including Flomax, Avodart, Jalyn or other prostate medications are to be taken as prescribed by your physician through treatment and after treatment.  Do not stop taking until told to do so by your urologist.

  5. Activity – After the Simulation/CT/MRI imaging, AVOID the following activities.

    • Riding lawnmower or a tractor

    • Horseback riding

    • Boating

    • Any activity that involves long term sitting with a jarring motion.  This ensures that the gold fiducial markers do not move between imaging and the treatment.

  6. Clothing 

    • Wear briefs, NOT boxer shorts

    • Wear pants WITHOUT metal (Example: sweat pants for other pants with an elastic waist or drawstring are ideal for imaging and treatment)

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